Here are some products that I currently use on all of my trips. When I'm spending long periods of time in foreign places, it's extremely important for me to have products I'm familiar with. I know & love every single item on this list, so I hope that these items can help you out on your next trip too!


left to right*

SONY 6000 | I Currently use this camera after years of using a Nikon DSLR. At first, I didn't like it so much but I've fallen in love since learning to use it. It fits all my needs for posting online and also printing photos. 

IPHONE 7 PLUS | The investment in this phone was completely worth it. I use my phone for everything, especially while traveling - maps, apps, keeping in touch with family. My favorite thing about this phone is the camera. With the right conditions, the quality is incredible. Portrait mode is amazing & rivals that of a DSLR at times. 

GO PRO HERO SESSION | I purchased this Go Pro to use specifically for adventure & underwater photos. It wouldn't work as my only camera, but it definitely works for those purposes. It lacks a playback screen, so you can only see photos after they've been uploaded. It's one of the downsides, but it was the most affordable Go Pro option for me at the time.

KINDLE | I love reading books on trains, planes, and long bus rides. My phone doesn't always have space or battery life, so having a kindle with long battery life works out really well.



BEATS HEADPHONES - I typically use these headphones on shorter trips. i love the sound quality and the fact that they're stylish. 

YES TO CARROTS CLEANSING WIPES - At the end of a long travel day, these face wipes are my best friend. I don't use many skin products, so these are definitely my go-to. i use these during longer flights to avoid oil build-up on my skin.

CABEAU Travel pillow- i die for this travel pillow. it provides amazing all-around neck support on longer flights. 

LONG CHAMP CARRY-ON BAG- I've used this as my carry-on for years after purchasing it for 1/3 of the price in paris. I even bought one for my mom's birthday! It's simple, yet durable.




BIRKENSTOCK - my most worn shoe. I seriously don't know what i'd do without these ugly shoes. they are not very attractive, but the quality is incredible. perfect for long days of walking around new city. comfy & easy! 

Nike tempo running shorts - I sleep in these shorts and also wear them to sleep during trips. best thing? they're drifit, so perfect for camping or other outdoor activities. 

TEVAS - used during my costa rica trip for swimming in waterfalls and hiking on wet land. 

nike drifit zip-up jacket - i wear this thing everyday - traveling or not. it's comfortable, stretchy, simple, and very good quality. its lightweight, yet has the ability to keep you cool. its also drifit. ive worn this on buses, planes, and hiking machu picchu for 5 days. 



mophie phone charging case - one of the worst things during a long day of travel? Your phone dying. Like i said, i use my phone for maps, apps, photography, etc. its also a safety tool as a solo female traveler. 

CHARGING PACK -backup charger for the same reasons above, but this can also be used for my camera, kindle & any other devices. 

OTTER BOX PHONE CASE - I've got it bad, when it comes to breaking phones. my phone screen has shattered in both costa rica and colombia. i try to keep a durable case on my phone at all times. my whole family has trusted otter box for years. this case has never failed me. 

JOTO waterproof phone case - want a go-pro without paying for a gopro? this is for you. i've used this exact case for yers and my phone has never been damaged with water. this quality is outstanding, especially for the price. much better than the $100 life proof case i purchased.



FUJI FILM INSTAX MINI - one of my favorite gadgets because it produces tangible memories instantly. I've purchased this for my sister and 2 best friends. only downside? film is expensive. for this reason, i only use this for shorter term trips or events. 

LIFE STRAW- my first real 'backpacker' purchase before taking off on my first backpacking trip through central america. 

Long champ mini backpack - you've probably seen this if you follow me on instagram. I also purchased this in paris. this little bag is much greater than it appears to be. i'm able to fit everything i need inside without hesitation. i normally carry this while doing day to day activities instead of a purse because it doesn't get in the way. 

packing cubes - if you're not on the packing cube wave yet, prepare for your life to be changed. im not a very organized person, but packing cubes have really changed my travel life. it especially helped keep me organized on my backpacking trip, which made it easier to start my day.