Star-gazing at the Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains | West Texas

All we needed was one night, but I could have stayed forever.

Indian Lodge is positioned perfectly within the Davis Mountain National Park. I booked a stay at the Indian Lodge based off of google photos, unaware of what I was in for.  All I can say is this place far exceeded my expectations.

We arrived late at night, when the temperatures had dipped pretty low. Even though the sky was black, we could tell that this place would be breathtaking by morning.

We couldn't help but notice the amount of stars in the sky as we walked across the property. The sky was glittering with stars. It was just insane. So of course, we grab my blanket and headed to a rooftop to stargaze. 

Within 5 minutes, we saw 3 falling stars and 1 shooting star. I was SO hype! haha. Never in my life had I seen a single shooting star, let alone 3. We saw galaxies, clusters, and twinkling stars. This is sight that really put things into perspective. 

In the morning, we wandered around the grounds and were amazed at our surroundings. I honestly haven't seen Mountains in Texas so this was such pleasant surprise. 

The white adobe at Indian Lodge reminded me so much of Greece, without the water of course. And I loved it. The morning was quiet and peaceful, which made me so grateful to be there. I'd recommend getting there asap and booking early! We absolutely loved it! They have a couple of hikes & its worth the stop before heading to Marfa! 

In these photos, I'm wearing a washed linen dress from


5 Reasons You Should Take a Weekend Roadtrip

There is just something special about a classic road trip. As you wind the long stretches of roads while listening to your favorite music with your favorite people, you seem to forget about the distance. This past weekend, we drove 11 hours round-trip to West Texas(blog post soon!). It may seem like a long drive for a weekend trip, but we had so much fun talking and taking in the desert views along the way. With low gas prices and great weather in Texas, it was the perfect time to get on the road. Often times, we focus on taking huge trips that we forget that you can enjoy a roadtrip just as much! Wondering what you should do for your next trip? Here are 5 reasons you should take a roadtrip! 

1. You can be Spontaneous

Having a car at your convenience allows for plenty of flexibility. They don't require extensive planning. You can make a road trip happen at the last minute, without the hassle and cost that comes with finding a flight to catch. Since you'll be passing through a number of cities & towns, you can be spontaneous and stop anywhere you'd like whenever you'd like. With a roadtrip, it's not solely about making it to the destination. You can enjoy the ride & the company you have along the way.  With sites like, you can search for the best stops & sites on your route!

You could take off on a roadtrip this weekend if you really wanted to!

2. You Don't Need A Lot of Time

You don't have to use all of your vacation days to take a roadtrip! You can drive an hour or you can drive 10 hours to get to a new place. It is completely up to you! Honestly, sometimes all you need is a day. You'd be surprised how much a day away can refresh you. We were only gone for the weekend and I felt like I was on a week long vacation. Seriously. If you're short on time, do a quick google search of day-trips in your area for ideas of what will work best for your schedule! 

3. You don't have to splurge

Road Trips can be extremely affordable in comparison to trips using air travel. Instead of paying for an expensive flight, you can save money by driving. For example, I can either spend $60 in gas to driving to Austin or $200+ flying. You can also save a ton of money by skipping the fast food restaurants along the way & picking up some road-trip worthy snacks before getting on the road. 

4. You can Spend Time with a Loved One

How often do you really get to spend quality time with the people you love? Road Trips are the perfect time to bond. Download a few playlists(don't forget the aux cord!), play games(get to know each other with 21 questions!), share laughs, and create new memories! The lack of cell service on the road will provide the perfect chance to catch up on life. 

5. You don't have to be an Travel Expert

Road-trips are great for people who don't have as much experience traveling, so don't let that stop you from taking one! If you're interested in traveling more, this is a great way to start. You don't have to go across the world to see & try new things. Starting off with smaller trips will eventually lead to taking bigger trips down the road.

Our roadtrip through west Texas was such a pleasant surprise. I visited new towns, met amazing people, saw beautiful landscapes, and witnessed a completely different culture just 5.5 hours away. I challenge you to plan to a weekend roadtrip sometime soon! I promise you won't regret it.

Do you enjoy road trips? Where do you want to roadtrip to next? Share in the comments!