What You Should Know Before Flying Spirit Airlines

Since the beginning of 2016, I'd been on Google Flights daily looking at the prices for trips to Phoenix, AZ. It was one of the many places I really wanted to visit this year, so I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss out on any flight deals. Low & behold, I was online searching one day and found flights starting at $79 roundtrip. At this point, I just knew I was going. What could stop me? I'd never purchased a flight ticket for lower than $150, let alone $79. I selected this price option and realized that this flight would be with Spirit Airlines. This made me hesitate a bit. Honestly, I'd heard plenty of terrible things about Spirit. At the end of the day, I was willing to give it a try for $79. I hadn't heard of any plane crashes, so at the least I knew I'd most likely make it to my destination alive. Ha!

Before I booked my flight, I read several reviews and  headed to Spirit's website to read the fine print. If you don't know much about Spirit, these flights can appear to be much lower in cost due to add-on services. The flight is priced and then you have the option to add-on services that other airlines may include in the original ticket price such as carry-on bags, checked bags, seat selections, water, etc. While the flight alone may be cheaper, you may end up paying the same amount or more after you have purchased the necessary add-ons.

This Guide will tell you everything you need to know about their 'Bare Fare'.

I didn’t want to be that salty person person at the airport because I’d ended paying $300 in total for this flight when I expected to only pay $79. Even though this was the biggest complaint that I saw, it seemed fairly simple to avoid after doing bit of research.

How you can avoid additional costs:


Its honestly that simple. Before you finalize your flight options, Spirit's website tells you up front that each service will cost you extra if you choose to add it on in the airport instead of online. THE WEBSITE TELLS YOU THIS UPFRONT. They will charge you just as they promised. Know exactly what you're purchasing or not purchasing when you buy your tickets online.

Purchase Everything Online

As stated above, If you read the pop-ups on the website, you will know that you need to choose all of your add-on's online to avoid extra costs. If you choose to pay for your checked bag at the airport instead of paying for it when you purchase the ticket online, you will pay an additional cost. Know what you'll need when you purchase your ticket to avoid paying those fees.

Know what you WON'T be Getting

You won't be getting a snack. I saw so many complaints about this before purchasing my ticket which was weird, because this didn't seem like a big deal at all to me. Buy your own snacks & water ahead of time to bring on the flight or eat in the airport. Problem solved! Also the seats don't recline. They are naturally a bit more reclined than your average airplanes but you cannot recline them any further. Bring a neck pillow so that you can at least rest your head comfortably. You won't be getting free water so you can either bring an empty water bottle & fill it up when you pass security or purchase a water before you get on your flight.

At the end of the day, you will get exactly what you pay for & nothing more.

Its best to know this ahead of time!

So when would I recommend flying Spirit?

Short Trips

Leisure Trips(incase of delays or cancellations)

Short Flight Times

Trips Where You don't Need Much Luggage(to avoid baggage costs)

Significant Price Differences

How did our flight go? 

As I said, we didn't end up paying any additional fees. Our first flight was delayed by an hour and they didn't provide much information as to why it was delayed. Thankfully, we didn't have any obligations so this wasn't a huge deal. I've had terrible experiences with every other airline such as 4+ hour delays, lost luggage, horrible customer service, etc. so I can't say that this only happens with Spirit. Our second flight was on time and they were much better about communication on that flight. Overall, everything went as expected and I'd say the experience was totally worth what we paid. Especially since the price was $200+ less than any other comparable flight with a different airline.

If you can find comparable flights prices for other airlines(United, American, Delta, Southwest) that don't charge additional fees, then I would choose to fly with those. However, if you've added up your potential fees beforehand and Spirit's prices are still hundreds of dollars less, I'd say to give it a try. Be sure that to know exactly what to expect before booking.

Carry On Essentials & Tips


After returning from a trip abroad, I thought it'd be a great idea to share my carry-on essentials. A lot of people dread plane rides, but there are things you can bring along to make your flight as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. For the most part I try to only keep clothes, shoes, and misc. items in my checked luggage. I bring anything of real value or that provides some type of entertainment in my carry-on with me. It also really helps that I can sleep for the whole duration of the flight whether it's 1hr long or 18hrs. I like to think of that as a gift, but I do like to be comfortable during the time that I'm actually awake. Check out the list below and Leave a comment sharing your ultimate carry-on essential that you absolutely need on a flight!

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Passport/ID & Copies of your passport - Because you're not going anywhere without these.

Cameras, Lenses, and any Expensive Electronics - Just in case your checked bag is thrown around, searched through, or lost

Nice or Expensive Jewelry - Once again, incase the airline loses your luggage. It happens

Travel Pillow(My Favorite) - A life saver for long flights

Toiletries - To keep you so fresh & so clean. Remember to keep any liquids in small containers! Look up the restrictions beforehand.  Deodarant, face wipes, lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.

Books and/or magazines - To keep you entertained and occupied

Headphones - Because what is a flight without music...? Also great for Audiobooks!

Healthy Snacks - To keep you feeling nourished and simply because they are yummy. You actually can't bring produce on most flights so granola bars, nuts, etc. are a great option.

Empty Water Bottle - To fill up once you get inside the gate b/c they essentially give you sippy cups on the plane. I've found myself feeling so dehydrated on long flights and it doesn't feel good. Can't say my friend and I have never stolen(borrowed) a large water bottle from the flight attendant's cart before.....

Gum - For fresh breath & to prevent your ears from popping on the plane

Fuzzy Socks - I don't know about you....but my feet get so cold!

Extra set of clothes - You never know what could happen. Keep it light & minimal. Oh, and always wear some form of sweater or jacket.

Thanks for reading!

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