Jacob's Well

Underwater cave reaching depths of 120ft!

If you're from Texas, you might have seen articles and photos of Jacob's Well floating around online. Located in Wimberley, Texas, Jacob's well is a gushing spring that descends 30 feet below the ground eventually reaching depths of 120 feet. Since the swimming area is relatively small in size, you are now required to make reservations online at 9$ per person. After a 10 min hike down to the swimming hole, you'll arrive at a natural oasis unlike anything you've ever seen before. Despite its small size, Jacob's Well is a uniquely beautiful place. My sister was in town, so I was so happy to have her on this little adventure with me. I was honestly nervous about jumping into a deep dark hole, but the plunge was exhilarating once I got the courage to jump. The water is extremely cool and crystal clear, which made the experience really refreshing.

Tip: Reservations Currently Required! $9 each

Unfortunately, 8 divers have died while exploring the underwater caves. There are four chambers extending deep below the surface. Unless you're a diver, you most likely won't need to worry about this danger. You'd need professional diving equipment to swim deeper into the cave. Once you jump in, you shoot right back up to the top of the well. Even if you choose not to jump, the well is a beautiful sight to see.

If you happen to be feeling rather adventurous this summer, make your way to Jacob's Well! Be safe and have fun!

Taking the Plunge!


Houston WaterWall

Houston WaterWall

Since I grew up in the suburbs, I try to make an effort to explore central Houston when I return - basically playing tourist. These pictures were taken at the Houston Water Wall near the Galleria. I remember my dad taking us here when we were younger, so it always feels nice to return to familiar beginnings.