50 Affordable Summer Bucket List Ideas

It's OFFICIALLY SUMMER! The days are longer and warmer. Whether you're a full-time worker or a student, this is the perfect time to incorporate more FUN into your life. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to  create memorable moments for ourselves  & loved ones on a regular basis. So, I've Created 50 Affordable Summer Bucket List Ideas! Lets welcome new people, places, and experiences into our lives this summer. You don't necessarily have to travel or spend lots of money to live an exciting life. In fact, the most simple memories are often the most memorable. The majority of these ideas are free or very low-cost. You can even tailor them to your own interests & budget!

Lets experience all that life has to offer here & now. Get your summer started with these bucket list ideas!


  1. Get Active Outdoors (hike, swim, outdoor yoga, walk, kayak, etc.)
  2. Cook an Old Family Recipe or New Recipe from Pinterest
  3. Wake up Early Enough To See the Sunrise 
  4. Create a Summer Playlist
  5. Spend Time With An Old Friend 
  6. Take Photos, Print Them, Frame Them! 
  7. Pick Up Where You Left Off On an Old Goal 
  8. Finish a Book or Start A New One
  9. Return to a Place That Has Meaning 
  10. Visit a New City/Town...no matter the distance!
  11. Take a Roadtrip With you Favorite Friends & Music(Drake plz!)
  12. Attend  A Free Event in Your Town
  13. Go for a Swim
  14. Pamper Yourself (Bubble Bath, Face Mask, DIY Mani & Pedi)
  16. Visit Your Local Museumon Free Night
  17. Watch a Full Season of a New Show on Netflix 
  18. Practice a Language 
  19. Catch the sunset!(My favorite time of day!)
  20. Donate old Clothes
  21. Pick up an Old Hobby!
  22. Start a Journal and Write Whatever You Want! 
  23. Watch live music!
  24. Spend One day Disconnected
  25. Visit your Local Park
  26. Set up Camp! Even your backyard will do!
  27. Have a Movie Night with Popcorn & Wine
  28. Spend Quality Time with Family & Friends
  29. Eat More Greens
  30. Drink More Water
  31. Have a potluck with Family/Friends
  32. Go On a Bike Ride
  33. Go to a New Restaurant  
  34. Create Something ( Write, paint, draw, cook, etc.)
  35. Spend a Day Creating Goals
  36. Play a Card Game with Friends(Some of my favorite camp memories)
  37. Care for a plant! 
  38. Forgive Someone
  39. Do Something that scares you!
  40. Visit your Grandparents
  41. Start saving!
  42. Catch up On Sleep! 
  43. Have a Picnic Outdoors
  44. Roadtrip to The Beach
  45. Lay Out Under the Stars
  46. Have a Photoshoot with Friends
  47. Mail Someone a letter!
  48. Stay Up All Night
  49. Cook a Meal for A Loved One! 
  50. Create Your Own Bucket List


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50 best
50 best

What's on Your Summer Bucket List?